E+DAY November 2020 – The Thanksgiving Message We All Need to End 2020

I know 2020 looks VERY different for many, I dare say ALL of us.

Plans we had for ourselves, time spent with family, friends, trips and experiences were either changed or non-existent. 

There are SO many things I wish were different right now. Heck, I’m a bit mad about it all because I had many expectations for 2020 that didn’t come to fruition.

Despite all those things, I really need some encouragement to finish this year and usher me into 2021. Maybe you do too. There are so many unknowns about what our future will look like. While I can’t control how everything unfolds, I can control what I focus on.

I can focus on the unknown or I can focus on the blessings that have bubbled to the surface during an extremely weird, unexpected and crazy year. 

I can focus on everything I lost out on this year or I can focus on the things I am thankful for and that encourages me.


Disclaimer, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t address the difficulties this year has brought. New problems and challenges have surfaced due to the pandemic and they need to be dealt with. The message I’m sharing with you today in no way diminishes or discourages the handling or expression of the real hardships many of us are facing. If anything, see this message as an opportunity to take a break from those burdens; to give thanks and ask God to uncover the blessings He has worked through your life during this time. Doing so might be just the encouragement you need right now. 

Giving Thanks…

It may encourage you to find the priorities you’ve reorganized leaving you feeling lighter, less anxious and more fulfilled. 

It may encourage you to finally say no and walk away from the harmful things in your life.

It may encourage you to find the extra time that’s granted you the ability to slow down and be still with God. 

It may encourage you to reach out and repair a broken relationship you’ve missed. 

It may encourage you to see the new direction God is nudging you to take but were too scared to do before when life was stable and predictable.

It may encourage you to be brave and schedule your first counseling session. 

It may encourage you to find next level courage to try something new and be proud of trying, regardless of it being successful or not. 

It may encourage you to speak up and advocate for those people or missions you are passionate about. 

It may encourage you to offer forgiveness, love and grace to those you think deserve it the least. Yourself included. 

It may encourage you to finally begin a relationship with God, starting with “God I’m so lost. I just need you.”

What new and unexpected blessings have bubbled to the surface for you this year?

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