The Best Gift to Give Someone Navigating Infertility this Christmas

Navigating infertility during the holidays is difficult. There’s no other way to put it. It’s hard. Partly because the holidays are all about spending time with family making memories and celebrating traditions. 

The longing to have your own family to make those special memories with is real and extremely present during this time of year. 

With Christmas fast approaching, family may be asking for a wish list. I remember when family would ask for mine and honestly, I had everything I could need or want, except a baby. I didn’t want material things, I wanted to be able to get pregnant.

  • Maybe that scenario sounds all too familiar for you and the upcoming holiday’s make you a bit anxious
  • Maybe you know a friend or family member that’s experienced a Christmas or two like the one I mentioned

It’s often difficult to know how to support someone going through infertility, especially around the holidays. You want to, but are at a loss as to how.

Being present and empathetic is one of the best ways to support someone during infertility, which is exactly what I do as a Fertility Coach.

Give the Gift of Fertility Coaching

So this year, give the gift of hope with Fertility Coaching to support and encourage someone you love during their infertility journey.

I have a Christmas special which includes three one hour virtual coaching sessions for only $97. Sessions are personalized, which means we talk through the things that keep you up at night. Our time together:

  • guides you through the process with empathy, encouragement and support
  • takes the unknowns and bring awareness, all to better prepare you for the journey ahead
  • surrounds you with community to feel seen, accepted and understood
You Have Two Options

For those navigating infertility

  • Forward this message to your family and say, “For Christmas this year, I’d like this as a gift.”

For a loved one navigating infertility

  • Buy them Fertility Coaching. Not comfortable making this purchase before talking to them? Use the script below to start the discussion and share this link to learn more about Fertility Coaching. You never know unless you ask. 

“I want to visit with you about Christmas. You’ve been hoping and praying for a special bundle of joy under the tree this year. I wish you didn’t have to experience this and I’m so sorry this is happening. Sometimes I feel so helpless. I may not be able to fully understand what you’re going through or feeling, but I know someone who does. Someone who can empathize and support you in ways different than I’m able to. Someone who has experienced infertility firsthand. Her name is Melissa and her message is full of hope and encouragement. She has personalized Fertility Coaching sessions available that were created to support, encourage and educate couple’s navigating infertility. I care about your well being and wanted to offer this as an idea to help support you during this time. Would you be interested in receiving this as a gift this year?”

This special is only available until December 31, 2020. If you felt any nudge while reading this, be obedient to that spark and support yourself or someone you know navigating infertility with this gift.

What’s a Fertility Coach

Please share with someone you know who could use some encouragement in the wait.