Three Words to Summarize 2020

I’ve always enjoyed words; their definitions, the power they have to describe our feelings, their ability to encourage others and change lives. In 2018, I started a tradition of closing out the year by sharing three words to describe it and found it fitting to continue!

You don’t need me to remind you that 2020 was a year like no other. We’re continuing to navigate our daily lives while living in the midst of a pandemic. But we can still reflect on the year and see what it brought us – positive or negative – and look forward to working on a fresh start in 2021.


This year had many bitter moments, but when I paused to reflect on it, I also found plenty of sweet ones, too.

There were many losses, but with loss, comes the opportunity for growth or the expansion of something else. It’s a simple rule of economics. Physical connection is obviously at the top of this list. The pandemic challenged us to find new ways to connect with people; ways that weren’t dependent on being in the same physical space. We had to be more intentional about reaching out. Scheduled ladies night Zoom calls. Lots of texts to family and friends to check in. FaceTime became the norm for everyday conversation. Nothing beats the benefits of face to face interaction, but when that’s all but gone, it forces us to find new ways to still connect.

The loss of trips, get togethers and sports, meant more time at home. To keep ourselves entertained, a new level of creativity emerged that many of us never knew we had! Extended time at home gave me more one on one time to grow in my relationship with my daughter. I was able to witness many of her milestones firsthand because of this. It’s the sweetest gift this year gave me and I’m forever grateful for it.


Maybe you’ve noticed that when we cross paths with people, the exchange usually involves both parties saying, “Oh, I’m good, just really busy.” I can be guilty of this. But because many things were cancelled, this year was less busy. The calendar wasn’t as full, which gave us the opportunity to overcome busyness. This was definitely the case for our family and truthfully, I liked it! It gave me the time to reflect and view things from different perspectives that I traditionally may not have done because I was so busy. I loved having more down time and plan to continue this into the new year.

This year also challenged me to overcome my limiting beliefs. It’s important to note, this is an ongoing struggle, and probably always will be. But, I made progress by wanting to overcome them vs. continually feeding into them. I became more aware of how much my doubt, insecurities and perfectionism hold me back. I paid attention to the inaccurate story I was telling myself about my abilities, hope and dreams. For too long, I’ve allowed the lies to speak louder than the truth of what God says about me and His plans for me. Does this ring true for you, too? Maybe it relates to something you’re waiting for. Maybe it’s the limiting belief that it’s impossible, that your request is too big for God, or that you don’t deserve it.

But this year year I saw my biggest growth. I had to overcome myself – my fears, doubts, willingness to fail – so God could work through me to reach others for Christ.


This year taught me the power of progress. To take a step and just get it done. To be willing to try. Remembering that action brings clarity.

I tried so many things this year that I normally would’ve talked myself out of. Many of them were scary and I had no idea how to make it all happen, but I did it. Perfectionism would’ve been on my shoulder saying, you’re not ready yet. Insecurity would’ve told me I’m not qualified. Fear would’ve called me a liar, questioning that I could do big things.

Maybe the pandemic created a sense of urgency in all our lives. Many of us were faced with the reality of mortality. While this is a possibility, regardless of COVID, this year it was a daily reminder. Mortality has a way of waking us up. It can create a sense of urgency that wasn’t there before because it reminds us that we have limited time on earth. It can push us to finally do the things we’ve been thinking and dreaming about but were too scary to try before. Mortality reminds us that the greatest regret is not trying.

I flexed my progress muscles a lot this year, and I can already see the momentum it created as I look ahead to 2021. Big things are coming so stay tuned! There is power in progress and I’m so grateful for the push this year gave me to just try!

What Are Your Three Words?

Happy New Year and much love to you all! I can’t wait to see God at work in your lives this coming year! Thank you for following along, reading blog posts, commenting, emailing and praying for us. My family is forever grateful to you for investing in our lives!

What three words would you use to describe your 2020? Comment below!

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