Happy 3rd Anniversary Living in the Wait

My “come to Jesus” moment happened Fall 2017 while picking up sticks in our yard. It was 2.5 years into our infertility journey and I was exhausted by it all. It was here, my heart softened and God gave me the idea to start Living in the Wait. ⁠

♥️From the moment He planted that seed, I knew what I was about to embark on was bigger than myself. ⁠
♥️That this journey was about a responsibility to steward the story God had given me. ⁠
♥️To be a vessel for God to carry out His plans here on earth. ⁠

Three years ago, today, I started Living in Wait, and made our story of infertility and waiting officially public. My purpose for Living in the Wait is to be a resource for others going through infertility or any other season of waiting. I encourage others to make the most of their wait because of what Jesus says in John 10:10 – I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Year three brought much growth. Many opportunities, risks and connections were made and I’m excited to see where the obedience in taking them will lead Living in the Wait, and myself. Here are a few highlights from year three!

Living Through Infertility Summit

God planted a seed almost a year ago to host a summit/conference/event. Just recently, He encouraged me to move this from an idea to a reality. The Living Through Infertility Summit took place virtually on January 30. Our awesome speaker line-up included Mary Bruno from Taking Back the Terms, Erin McCollough from Fertile Hope Yoga, Kimberly Keiser, a psychotherapist from Kimberly Keiser & Associates and Shelley Furtado-Linton, speaker and five-time author. We had engaging conversations and addressed heart-level questions about navigating infertility. 175 people signed up from three countries and 13 states! The half-day event was all about helping those on this journey Get Off the Emotional Rollercoaster and Break Through Limiting Beliefs to Live Through Infertility.

Fertility Coaching

I announced the expansion of my services to include Fertility Coaching. Many of the questions I get revolve around one thing: an unfulfilled need/desire when it comes to navigating infertility. This could include education, community, support, clarity, compassion, but most importantly, being seen, heard and validated in your experience.

I’m a woman who navigated infertility and felt totally unprepared, uneducated and unsupported. Because of my journey, I’m changing that narrative to help others like me. My experience comes from Living Through Infertility, not just reading about it online or in a textbook. Learn More

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Campaign

I had the opportunity to work with our local SDSU/Brookings-Area Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization as copywriter for an upcoming campaign.

Writing the script for this video was a humbling experience as it revolves around a topic that’s very near and dear to my heart. The helpless feeling of waiting is something we all experience. Can you relate?

Beat Infertility Virtual Summit

I mustered up all my courage and applied to be a speaker at The Beat Infertility Virtual SummitMy talk, “How to Live in the Wait: A Mindset for Infertility, shares why waiting is so challenging, yet normal, and five tactical + practical strategies to feel more in control and focused on living in the wait. This event included over 90+ talks ranging from mental health, fertility treatments, relationships, etc., from speakers, educators and doctors from all over the world.

Thank you!

YOU are the reason this celebration is happening. Your support and prayers have made Living in the Wait what it is today. My sincere gratitude to you, for choosing to following along and support me and this ministry. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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