How Our Confidence in God Brings Us to Do Bold Things

I’m not one to typically pick a word for the year, but God picked one for me so I’m trusting Him and rolling with it.

I was reading the Gospels in January and came upon Luke 11:8,

“I tell you, even though he will not get up and give you the bread because of friendship, yet because of your boldness he will surely get up and give you as much as you need.”

As I read the word boldness, something clicked inside. Another version reads shameless audacity.

God has placed many big and scary plans on my heart. And until this year, I left them as such thinking, “Who am I to carry out these plans? I need more time to perfect it. I’m not ready.”

His reply: “Scratch that Melissa. Be bold and I’ll equip you.”

Confidence for the Road

I believe God picked that word for me because He knew I was going to need something to keep me accountable for the bold plans He has for me in 2021.

And you know what, He’s done exactly that. I’ve seen God’s faithfulness in so many things I’ve done since the start of 2021. It gives me the confidence and trust that He has way more than I could imagine in store for the remainder of the year. I stepped into those big, scary things with boldness because I had confidence in God. Let me repeat that, the only reason we’re able to step into those things with boldness is because of our confidence in God, not ourselves.

When God asks something of us, trust and be obedient to Him because He longs to do big and bold things through it. While we may not fully understand or believe it’s possible, we can have confidence in God to guide us through it.

What bold things is God calling you to this year? Share below so we can support and encourage each other!

Please share with someone you know who could use some encouragement in the wait.