Mother’s Day 2021: What It Means to Me to Be a Mom

As I reflect on Mother’s Day this year, one word comes to mind: Humbling.


Plain and simple, celebrating Mother’s Day with my daughter on my lap, is nothing short of a miracle to me. The very notion that I would be fortunate enough to bear that title to a child of my own is something I’m extremely humbled by and don’t take for granted.

Infertility taught me that. I know in the depths of my soul what a gift I’ve been given and I want to steward it wisely.

The responsibility, the daily grind, the Kingdom work of being a mom is something I don’t take one day for granted.

While it’s incredibly hard work, to a level I never understood and am forever unprepared to handle most days, I continually find myself humbled, brought to tears by this gift God has granted me.

Getting to witness, firsthand, everything my daughter has learned, says and shares is humbling. I am so rich, so spoiled getting a front row seat to everything God is doing in and through her.

I’m beyond humbled that I get to have my daughter here with me and fully know how fortunate I am. Infertility taught me that. Because I know what’s is like to wonder, question and doubt if the dream of becoming a mom would ever happen.

So, while this is my second time celebrating Mother’s Day, the sting and lessons learned from one of the most difficult times in my life still lingers. I can still taste the bitterness of hopelessness and feel the burning heartache of a desire unfilled.

For those in the wait to become a mom, there’s no sugar coating it. This. Day. Is. Hard.

There are no words to fix or instantly heal what you are experiencing and honestly, that’s a job best left for the one and only Jesus.

What I do want is:

  • ❤️To sit with you and your pain
  • ❤️To hug you, hold your hand and cry with you
  • ❤️To stand witness with you for the loss, heartache and emptiness you may be feeling, especially today

Thinking of you.