Here’s to Feeling Shiny and New in 2022

An adventure with my wedding ring reminded me about waiting and the reasons we talk ourselves out of the new God has waiting for us, if only we’re willing to let go of the old.

The Jeweler

I was due to have my wedding rings re-dipped and cleaned. Jewelers recommend doing this every 6 month to preserve the ring quality. They use this time to check the diamonds health and look for any other potential issues.

It’s a necessary process to keep your ring in good condition, which ultimately, extends its life.

Anyone who’s dropped off their ring at the jeweler knows this is not a quick process, requiring you to wait to get it back.

As I was driving towards the jeweler, I thought to myself, nah, it can wait. My ring looks fine the way it is. Re-dipping won’t make it look that much better, will it? If I drop it off now, I won’t have it for a while and I don’t want to be without it. Blah, blah blah. Excuse after excuse.

After much back and forth, I eventually talked myself into dropping it off. They said it would take about a month to get done.

As I got back into my vehicle and looked at my bare hand, God shared this powerful message of waiting.

I was so hesitant to drop off my ring, even though I knew I would:

  1. Get it back eventually
  2. Get it back looking more shiny, bright, and new
  3. Get it back in better condition than when I first dropped it off

I didn’t want to give up what my ring currently looked like, for the potential of an even better looking ring I’d get in return.

I wasn’t ready to let go of the old, only to have to wait for something new.

How many things in life are like that?
  • I know this limiting belief is holding me back from my relationship with my spouse, but it’s too much work to change it.
  • I know my negative self-talk is ruining my ability to positively interact with my friends and family, but I’m comfortable doing things this way.
  • I know I’m self-sabotaging my relationships, but making adjustments is too much of a hassle.
  • I know I don’t trust God right now to provide me with a spouse/family/house, but making things right will take too much time.
  • I know I’m trying to control every aspect of my life, but I can’t trust anyone else to do it.

How many excuses do we make for things because we’re afraid of giving them up, afraid of waiting for something new to arrive?

It’s much easier to hold onto these things because they’re comfortable and we’ve gotten used to the way they look and fit, just like my ring. Even though there is something new waiting for us if only we would let go of the old, tarnished belief or plan we’re currently holding onto. Changing to something new involves risk and work and is uncomfortable.

It takes time. But don’t be confused that it’s not worth it, because it usually is.

I eventually got my ring back, and immediately noticed the difference. It looked brighter. It looked healthier. It looked brand new. I dropped my ring off tarnished and in return, my ring came back even better than when I dropped it off. It came back shiny and new. It’s still the same ring my husband gave me seven years ago, but it has a new sparkle and shine to it.

I’m not sure what things God is nudging you to let go of. Maybe, just maybe, He’s politely doing this, because He has something new and brighter waiting for you.

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