Happy 4th Anniversary Living in the Wait

I was picking up sticks in my yard. 

It was a typical, late Fall day, which meant winter was just around the corner. 

It was a cold afternoon; the wind was blowing and the leaves were falling.

The weather was an accurate picture of how I felt inside.

My husband and I were outside doing yard work.

Broken branches and sticks covered the ground, reminding me of how it felt having to wait year after year, after year to become a mom.

This is where Living in the Wait began, four years ago this week. While the wait that started it all for me was to have a family, waiting is universal. 

This in-between time is something we all go through.

While we typically don’t get to choose the theme or length of our wait, we do get to choose how we walk through it.

And that’s what Living in the Wait is all about.

That day in my yard I learned that waiting isn’t worthless or pointless.

It’s value lies in preparingprotecting and providing purpose for us for what is to come. 

Year four brought much growth. Many opportunities, risks, and connections were made and I’m excited to see where the obedience in taking them will lead Living in the Wait, and myself. Here are a few highlights from year four!

Living in the Wait: How to Use Delays in Life Differently

I remember a conversation I had with a friend at the very early stages of brainstorming about Living in the Wait. She had asked what some of my dreams were and I said to someday write a book. Fast forward three years and I published my first book November 9, 2021.

While I was beyond excited to release a book, deep down, I was terrified. ⁠What if no one buys it or I get a bunch of hate mail.

While any of those things could’ve happened, and still might, this project was about so much more.

It was to be obedient. To listen to God and follow His prompting. To be a good and faithful servant. ⁠The true success lies in completing this task, because of the One who told me to start it in the first place.

Over 200 books have been sold and distributed across the country. The book even hit the best-seller list on Amazon. WAHOO! At one point, I was sitting next to Tim Tebow on this list. The reviews I get continually humble and surprise me, including this one:

“Living in the Wait is not a fluffy how-to guide filled with stories on how waiting makes you stronger. Instead, this is a book that shares Melissa’s real-life experience and heartache — pointing us back to Jesus at every turn. Waiting can be so hard, but Melissa teaches us how to wait well, because she’s been there.”

Adam Weber, lead pastor at Embrace Church and author of Love Has a Name

With the release of my book, I knew I wanted to get this message in front of audiences in another way.

It’s one thing to read this story and another to bring it to life through speaking.

So, I began the journey of crafting my message to deliver this story through live events.

I had my first speaking engagement of 2022 at a Women’s Night Out and heard from the audience how “powerful” of a story it was.

My message will continue to evolve and grow and I look forward to more opportunities to spread the message of Living in the Wait through speaking engagements.

Thank you!

YOU are the reason this celebration is happening. Your support and prayers have made Living in the Wait what it is today. My sincere gratitude to you, for choosing to following along and support me and this message. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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