Three Words to Summarize 2022

I’ve always enjoyed words and the power they have to describe our feelings, their ability to encourage others, and change lives. In 2018, I started a tradition of closing out the year by sharing three words to describe it and found it fitting to continue!

My favorite part about this tradition is reflecting back on the year as a practice of gratitude and thankfulness. While we may have many feelings associated with each year we live, taking time to sit with all that happened can be a healing and deepening experience.

What three words would you choose to describe your year?


I love surprises and 2022 started off with a big one.

I remember telling my husband how much I love surprises… the good kind.

As the year went one, we experienced many more surprises.

Unfortunately, they were the heartbreaking and disappointing kind of surprises.

Ones full of loss, grief and confusion.

I love surprises and yet this year reminded me that not all surprises feel good. They can also be painful. Very painful. They can start out exciting and fun, only to end in lots of questions.

I guess I don’t have anything philosophical or mind blowing to share about this word.

Just that surprises can feel different and with each one I experienced this year, I leaned even further into Living in the Wait. It truly helped me focus on what God was teaching and growing in me through each one.

Knowing that I had the option to live in the wait gave me a sense of calm and control during many chaotic times this past year.


I was fortunate enough to book a solo two-day lake retreat this past summer.

It was amazing.

As I was sitting on the dock, mind drifting in and out like the waves, the word more came to mind.

I continued to let my mind wander and be curious about what that word could mean for my life.


  • Fulfillment
  • Peace
  • Freedom
  • Margin
  • Opportunities

As my thoughts continued to roll, I got this overwhelming sense of knowing that I was made for more.

And it was ok.

Hearing this felt like a huge sigh of relief for my soul. I’d been feeling very unsettled and I now knew, it was because more was meant for me and my family.

Now, what that more looks like and how to get it, I have no idea what that will look like!

What I do know is that I can pray and talk about it with God so that my heart will be open to what He’s planning with the more for my life.

Maybe more is the healing to the painful surprises I experienced this past year. I sure hope so!


I’m going to cut right to the chance on this one.

I’m a work in progress when it comes to self-trust.

You see, many times I’d rather go with the crowd and just do what someone else tells me to do. This route seems less risky and requires less responsibility when I just do what someone says.

But I also understand that while this route feels safer, there’s also a high price tag attached to it.

When we’re looking for someone else to decide what’s best for us, it erodes our ability to hear our heart. Listen to our gut. Trust Jesus. Live with the more we’re all made for.

What ends up happening is that we’re using someone else’s compass as our guide for the steps to take and the dreams to make, instead of God.

This year I found it vital to lean into self-trust.

If I’m going to live a life of more, I need to trust myself, what God has called me to do and who He’s called me to be.

To know that the conversations Jesus and I have, regardless of logically making sense to anyone around me, are real. To be obedient to Him and what He says, not someone else’s expectation or logical explanation of me and the plans God has for me.

And in order to fully step into the things God is calling me to do, I need self-trust.

This isn’t a free pass to do whatever I want or go wherever the wind blows. Always at the center, guiding me every step, is God, His word, and His truth.

I know my willingness to self-trust will ebb and flow depending on my comfort level and risk tolerance for the things God is nudging me to do.

I also know leaning into self-trust will deepen my relationship with God and my ability to hear His voice.

What Are Your Three Words?

Happy New Year and much love to you all! I can’t wait to see God at work in your lives this coming year! Thank you for following along, reading blog posts, commenting, emailing, and praying for us. My family is forever grateful to you for investing in our lives!

What three words would you use to describe your 2022? Comment below!

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