Event Templates

Events create an opportunity for connection that drives relationships, impact, and growth. Use them to their full advantage by following these templates so that you can set the stage for this dynamic scene to happen.

Does this sound like you?

You’ve witnessed firsthand the power of virtual events.

You know they can help you grow your email list, increase your brand awareness and authority as a thought-leader in your industry, and reach a larger audience for change.

You’ve felt the nudge to host your own because of the impact it could have for your business.

BUT you’re not sure where to begin…

Imagine if you could…

  • Save lots of time
  • INSTANTLY have your business set up for a successful virtual event
  • Feel and look more official to your audience
  • Have an easy plan in place you can use over and over again


These templates can help you:

Save Time

Work smarter not harder by using these templates for your next event. Customize them and you’re on your way to event success!


Use these templates to push past the overwhelm of hosting your first or fifth virtual event. Your customers are waiting to connect with you!


Let these templates (that work!) allow you to grow your email list, brand awareness and thought-leader authority.

Here’s what you get

Event Intake Form

Get the info you need before telling the whole world about it. This form includes all the questions you should be asking ahead of time when planning an event to save you time later.

Event Budget

You may have some expenses along the way and this spreadsheet will help you keep tabs on them.

Event Checklist

Help you and your team stay on track with the various duties and deadlines.

Event Schedule & Script Template

Keep everyone informed and aware of what is happening at any given time during the event and who to contact for certain tasks.

Speaker Outreach Template

Use these documents to send outreach emails to prospective speakers, including confirmation copy and a speaker agreement.

Marketing Prospect List

This document highlights the various mediums you can utilize to assist with the promotion of your event. Use these spreadsheet to organize the various outlets you reach out to.

Zoom Chat Copy Template

This sheet is for your Zoom Producer to use during the event so that they can easily copy and paste certain text to compliment whatever the MC or Speakers are saying.

Post Event Survey Template

Asking the right questions is vital to get the feedback you need to craft future events and create the programs and products to best serve your customer’s needs.

BONUS: Outreach Email Copy for Marketing Prospects

Follow this template to share your message with businesses and media outlets so that they can help promote your event and expand your reach.

BONUS: Post Event Email Copy

Use this simple email template to make sure you send your post event survey right after your event. This takes away the guesswork of what to say!


I’m Melissa and I’m so glad you’re here! As a seasoned event planner, I have more than 15 years of experience and enjoy all things related to logistics and details. My portfolio of events includes attendances from five – 6,500 and spans from tailgates, road races, banquets and workshops. What I love most about events is the opportunity they provide for people to make memories, create traditions, honor loved ones and connect on an emotional level. These templates are the exact ones I use when coordinating an event to keep me organized, efficient, and successful in executing a powerful and life-changing event. Here’s to impacting lives one event at at time!

“What really stands out about Melissa is her passion for the enormous power of events. She “gets” events.

— Anna Saucier