Fertility Coaching

 Infertility is a journey.
Choose an experienced guide
to help you navigate it
with clarity and support.

I’ve been where you are. Feeling lost, overwhelmed and hopeless. The emotions and day-to-day challenges you’re experiencing are feelings I completely understand. My husband and I navigated infertility for more than three years. It was the most difficult time of our lives. 

The catalyst for the creation of Living Through Infertility is my own personal journey. My experience comes from Living Through Infertility, not just reading about it online or in a textbook.

Basically, I’m a woman who struggled with infertility and felt totally unprepared.

So, I decided to change that and help others like me.

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I’m here to help guide and support you during your infertility journey.
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What’s a Fertility Coach?

Right now, infertility is this big unknown and many unknowns are grounded in fear. When we’re fearful, we feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

That’s where having a plan helps. Through education, we bring awareness to focus on what you can do today.

I want to arm you with information to make the best decisions regarding your reproductive health. Decisions that you feel comfortable with. I desperately wanted someone to come alongside me and help me navigate the countless questions and hopelessness I felt. If you’re reading this, maybe you can relate and that’s why you’re here.

How I Can Help You

As your personal Fertility Coach, our time together is designed to:

  • reduce your time spent researching
  • guide you through the process with empathy, encouragement and support
  • take the unknowns and bring awareness, all to better prepare you for the journey ahead
  • simplify and break down some of the main themes you’ll encounter
  • help bring clarity to your decisions and the infertility process
  • surround you with community to feel supported by and understood
  • empower you and give you some control over your infertility journey
  • provide you with knowledge and information to give you the confidence to be proactive with the many unknowns surrounding this disease

We do that through education and connection, which helps prepare you for the journey. Preparation can assist in managing expectations allowing us to focus on what we can control. All this works together to create a plan and bring power back to you, ultimately bringing clarity followed by confidence.

Book your connection call today.

I’m here to help guide and support you during your infertility journey.
Book your FREE 30-minute call today and let’s chat how I can best serve you during this time.


Who are these services for?

Someone recently diagnosed with infertility or has been navigating it for years.Those who:

  • want to be more educated about the infertility process to have a better understanding of what’s going on
  • want to be a proactive partner with their medical providers
  • want to reduce the amount of overwhelm they feel 
  • want to have more clarity, control and direction during the process
  • want practical strategies to help them cope and manage the infertility process and their lives

Infertility is not a “quick fix” type of life situation. I can give you the tools, but the motivation and intention to create change comes from the time and effort you put in.

This is a very personal part of my life. How do I know I’ll feel comfortable working with you?

I’m so glad you’re asking this question! This is so important to establish if we plan to work together. I completely understand any hesitancy’s you’d have and value them. Protecting your hopes and dreams of getting pregnant means it’s important to limit those you let in.

I offer free 30-minute connection calls where we get to know each other, no strings attached, to see if there’s a connection, mutual trust and a safe environment to be vulnerable. If neither party feels that way, no hard feelings.

More than anything, I want you to feel supported, seen and understood during your journey. If it’s not me, I pray you find the help you need elsewhere. 

What topics are covered during our sessions?
  • Fertility Foundations – Learn the basics of your reproductive health (never learned this in Sex Ed).
  • You Matter Too – Our bodies – every part – are important to the equation of getting pregnant. Learn how to take care of yourself. 
  • We, Not I – It takes a village to get pregnant, and it starts with you and your spouse. Support each other with these communication tools. 
  • Advocate – Learn ways to be your own advocate
  • Insurance and Medications – Infertility is expensive, ugh. We’ll cover some of the ins and outs when working with insurance and ordering medications to help save money.
  • Quality Questions – Take control of your visits when with medical professionals to make the most of your time and finances.
  • Living Through Infertility – Learn ways to live in your wait.
How is this different than the information I can find online?

Great question! Infertility is one of those things that requires an amount of time and a level of patience that almost none of us can afford. You might be able to find some of this information on your own after spending hours researching, going down a bunch of rabbit holes, posting in online groups and communities, contacting other couples going through infertility, the list goes on. I know time is of value and my Fertility Coaching services are here to help accelerate that learning process for you.

Is this covered by insurance?

No, these services are not covered or ran through your insurance.

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Let’s be friends!

Book your connection call today.

I’m here to help guide and support you during your infertility journey.
Book your FREE 30-minute call today and let’s chat how I can best serve you during this time.

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