How to Live in the Wait

How to Live PageI never wanted to be on this path, but since it has chosen me, I have choices to make. Despite our heart’s desire being unfulfilled, it is important we make the daily decision to Live in the Wait. We need and want to continue living to allow God to work through our wait to bring Him glory. John 10:10 says, “He came that we may have life and live it to the full.” We have that despite our circumstances. We all can Live in the Wait because of what Jesus did.

Know that Living in the Wait will look different for each person. It is reaching out for support from family and friends because WE are going through this, not me alone. It is choosing your attitude to reflect the heart of Jesus and asking Him, “How do I live in the wait?” This does not mean life will be easy or void of struggle. There will be days of anger, frustration, bitterness, sadness, why me, life is not fair, hopelessness (the list goes on and on). Trust me, I have felt and continue to feel these emotions.

The most important part is the attitude we choose and what we decide to do with our wait. No matter what, just keeping living. Take those breaths and thank God for another day to enjoy all you do have in your life.

So, ask yourself, what does Living in the Wait look like in your own life?

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