Living Through Infertility

 Infertility is a journey.
Choose an experienced guide to help you navigate from being overwhelmed and isolated to clarity and community.

I’ve been where you are. Feeling lost, overwhelmed and hopeless. I completely understand the emotions and day-to-day challenges you’re experiencing. I get it. My husband and I navigated infertility for more than three years. It was the most difficult time of our lives. 

My own personal journey is the catalyst for the creation of Living Through Infertility. My experience comes from Living Through Infertility, not just reading about it online or in a textbook.

Basically, I’m a woman who struggled with infertility and felt totally unprepared.

So, I decided to change that and help others like me. I now have a responsibility to accelerate your process of learning and fulfill a higher purpose I’m being called to.

As your Infertility Coach, our time together is designed to:

  • reduce your time spent researching
  • help make the process better
  • take the unknowns and bring awareness, all to better prepare you for the journey ahead
  • simplify and break down some of the main themes you’ll encounter
  • provide clarity and community
  • empower you and give you some control over your infertility journey
  • provide you with knowledge and information to give you the confidence to be proactive with the many unknowns surrounding this disease

We do that through education and connection, which helps prepare you for the journey. Preparation can assist in managing expectations allowing us to focus on what we can control. All this works together to create a plan and bring power back to you, ultimately bringing clarity followed by confidence.

Right now, infertility is this big unknown and many unknowns are grounded in fear. When we’re fearful, we feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

That’s where having a plan helps. Through education, we bring awareness to focus on what you can do today.

I want to arm you with as much information as possible to make the best decisions regarding your reproductive health. Decisions that you feel comfortable with. Because I felt I wasn’t. I desperately wanted someone to come alongside me and help me navigate the countless questions and hopelessness I felt. If you’re reading this, maybe you can relate and that’s why you’re here.

4 week Navigation – $297

  • 4 weekly coaching/Q&A virtual sessions
  • Personalizing the infertility journey through education and preparation to help make the process better
  • Coaching sessions designed to cover topics and themes helpful to know when navigating infertility
  • Discussions dedicated to your biggest pain points and frustrations with infertility
  • On boarding call to build our relationship and gain insight into the most effective ways to serve you
  • Unlimited email support in between calls
  • End with a “Hummingbird” call where I’ll guide you on how to take everything you’ve learned to begin Living Through Infertility
  • Join the public Facebook group – Living in the Wait – for additional resources and encouragement
  • Used over the course of 2 months 

1 hour Connection Call – $84

  • One 1 hour virtual call
  • Discussions can be tailored to your biggest pain points and frustrations with infertility
  • Topics listed below can also be discussed

Topics Covered:

  • Fertility Foundations – Learn the basics of your reproductive health (not your average Sex Ed class).
  • You Matter Too – Our bodies – every part – are important to the equation of getting pregnant. Learn how to take care of yourself. 
  • We, Not I – It takes a village to get pregnant, and it starts with you and your spouse. Support each other with these communication tools. 
  • Advocate – Learn ways to be your own advocate
  • Insurance and Medications – Infertility is expensive, ugh. We’ll cover some of the ins and outs when working with insurance and ordering medications to help save money.
  • Quality Questions – Take control of your visits when with medical professionals to make the most of your time and finances.
  • Living in the Wait – Learn ways to live in your wait.

Having Melissa as a resource has been a life line. Knowing she’s also gone through infertility has made all the difference. She truly understands not only the physical side of infertility, but also the often not talked about emotional side as well. I’m so thankful for her wisdom and guidance during this difficult time. She’s given me hope.

Infertility Warrior

You’re not going to find a better person who can sit with you, who can walk with you, who knows where you are, who knows what you’re going to go through and can help you.

Jeremy Brown
Author, Founder Throne Publishing

God plants people in our lives to help carry us through the tough times, to stand with us when we’re not strong enough and provide us with a source of life. I believe Melissa is one of those people.

Emily Pogue
Infertility Warrior, Author & Writer

Invite Melissa on your journey. She’s a trusted friend. She’s a shoulder to cry on. She’s been there. You’ll love partnering with her. 

Bruce Johnson
Pastor, FCA Character Coach & Area Rep

The message of Living in the Wait was something I was able to apply to the three miscarriages I had. It changed my perspective about the grief I experienced. Because of her message, I was able to find value during that time. 

Jalina King
Infertility Warrior & Founder This Side of Infertility

I offer FREE 30 minute calls to answer any questions and see if we’re a good fit to work together.


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