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Melissa Vande Kieft (VANDA-KEEFT) With over 15 years’ experience, I’m skilled in content creation and marketing strategy including marketing campaigns, copywriting and strategic planning and execution. I’m proficient in Canva, Mailchimp, Later, HubSpot, WordPress.

If you have any upcoming projects that require copywriting, marketing strategy or content creation, please reach out. I’d love to visit with you further about taking those ideas and putting them into action.

I’m also a speaker and the bestselling author of Living in the Wait: How to Use the Delays in Life Differently. My journey with waiting and discovering purpose in the process began after I encountered an unexpected season of waiting. Even though my faith was challenged, my drive to make the most of the middle kicked into high gear. Through my experience, I encourage women to be brave to discover the details God is orchestrating and designing through each life experience.

I’m a huge fan of encouragement, meeting new people, and thank-you notes. In my spare time, you’ll find her exploring the great outdoors or watching college sports with my husband and daughter.


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