Living in the Wait: How to Use the Delays in Life Differently



Paperback, 144 pages
5.5 x 8.5
Soft-touch cover available online or in-person only



In Living in the Wait: 
  • Discover hope and healing by inviting God into seasons of waiting
  • Find clarity and direction about what to do during the in-between times of life
  • Learn simple and practical truths to embrace growth when life doesn’t go as planned

Waiting is something we all experience, and yet, we don’t get to choose the things in life we wait for nor how long our seasons of waiting will last. We all have desires that are unmet. Places we feel God has not listened, answered, or given us what we want.

Melissa’s warm and down-to-earth approach connects with every woman who’s weary and worn in the wait. Join her as she invites you to find shelter under The Truth Tree, rooted in principles to encourage, grow, and refine your heart.

Living in the Wait gives us the confidence and courage in times of waiting, ensuring that our deepest desires can be trusted with the one who gave them to us, Jesus. With practical prompts and unmatched vulnerability, Melissa helps us learn to use the delays in life differently.