Fertility Foundations

This guide brings the education to you, creating the opportunity to proactively discuss what options are available to help you get pregnant with your medical team. 

Psst.. this is the very information I wish I would’ve had at the beginning of my infertility journey.

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Talking About Infertility

Knowing what to say to someone dealing with infertility can be difficult. 

I have seen the paralyzing fear from others wanting to make sure they say the right thing, which usually ends up with them not saying anything at all.

Everyone handles infertility differently, which is why it is important to understand how your friend wishes to discuss this topic. 


There’s a common thread when it comes to having conversations about infertility – open, honest, raw, and vulnerable communication.

Here’s a guide to having conversations with your infertile and fertile friends.


I’ve curated a list of books that have shaped my heart and changed my perspective on life and the struggles that come with it.

Let’s be friends!