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If you are new to Living in the Wait, I’m Melissa, here to give you a big virtual hug. I’m sorry life’s circumstances have brought you here. I know all to well the disappointment, overwhelm and isolation you are feeling. That’s why I started Living in the Wait. You can read a more detailed version of our journey here.

I’m not here to fix what you’re going through. Instead, I want to lead you to the one who can do immeasurably more with your current circumstances. It’s through my season of waiting, my need and understanding of God began to grow. I’m not thankful for the trials I’ve endured, but I’m eternally grateful for the trust and dependency I gained with God because of them.

Below are several resources to be an encouragement for those navigating infertility, in addition to their support team of family and friends. I hope they prove to be as helpful and hopeful for you as they were for me.

The Wait List
Read stories of other couples, just like you, all waiting. Their stories of courage, hope and faith are sure to be an encouragement for your own journey.

When going through infertility, waiting, etc., knowing where to find information, resources and help provides a sense of calm during the crazy.

Your Support Team
Resources to educate and promote empathy for those going through infertility.

Fertility Coaching

I’m a woman who navigated infertility and felt totally unprepared.

So, I decided to change that and help others like me.

My experience comes from Living Through Infertility, not just reading about it online or in a textbook.

Let’s be friends!