E+DAY February 2020 – Teaching to Give

Teaching is life right now as our baby girl is learning everything. It’s so fun to watch her face light up when things finally “click.” She’s beaming with pride because she finally figured out how to do something. It feels like we often correlate learning and teaching as something that’s done at a young age.…

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E+DAY January 2020 – Meal Train

One thing I really appreciated receiving after Crosbee was born were freezer meals. Knowing I didn’t have to make a decision about what to make, much less actually make it, was a huge relief. It was just the encouragement we needed as we began our journey as new parents.  I recently learned about an organization…

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E+DAY April 2019

Today is extra special as not only is it E+DAY, but it’s also my birthday! With all those reasons to be excited, an added bonus was that this weekend was also Jacks Give Back, a one day service event designated for South Dakota State University Jackrabbits everywhere to give back to their local communities.  As you…

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