March E+DAY

Donuts are a staple in our household. Recently, we were at a local bakery getting ready to pay when a woman behind us slipped her credit card to the cashier to pay for our order. I told the cashier, “Wait, these donuts are ours.” The cashier politely laughed and the woman behind us replied that she wanted to pay for our order. She went on to explain that her granddaughter, who was 10, had recently passed away, but had a very giving heart. Their entire family adopted that mindset and wanted to pay it forward in her honor. One way they felt that could be done, was paying for someone else’s order. What an inspiration this woman and her granddaughter are. Despite such a tragedy, this girl’s family was using it for good.

Use that inspiration for E+DAY to encourage someone. Send them a text/call/note/package. Do not think twice about it, just do it. Pay for someone’s meal in the drive thru, buy someone flowers just because. Use this little girl as your inspiration and do it in her honor or someone else you care about. Not sure where to start? More ideas are listed on the Helpfuls page. Happy E+DAY!

Not sure what E+DAY is? Check out the page for more info… you know you are curious!

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Please share with someone you know who could use some encouragement in the wait.

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