Our Bucket List Trip to the NCAA Final Four

April_NCAA Final Four
Ry and I were fortunate to check an item off our bucket list last week. We got to attend the NCAA Final Four. For any college basketball fans out there, you know this is the pinnacle event for all players, coaches and fans.


I signed up to get tickets as part of the NCAA lottery in May 2018. We knew the games would be in Minneapolis, MN (a short 4-hour drive from where we live) and thought, we’ve got nothing to lose, let’s see what happens. I remember getting the email in August saying our application was selected and we were officially on the Road to the Final Four. I couldn’t believe it! As I’ve mentioned before, for Ry and I, living involves going to sporting events and this was the experience of a lifetime.

While our favorite team, the North Carolina Tarheels weren’t in the tournament, the atmosphere and games were everything a fan could ask for. All games were held at US Bank Stadium. The semi-final games were on Saturday and both were close, with one coming down to the final seconds to determine the winner.


Monday’s championship game was between the Virginia Cavaliers and Texas Tech Red Raiders. There were 72,000 people at the stadium. I’ve never attended an event to that magnitude. It was awesome! The game went into overtime, ending an exciting weekend of basketball! High stakes, high drama for sure!

Everything about this trip reminded me of God’s faithfulness. We purchased our tickets in hopes of being selected and eventually were. Call it a faith purchase. I know that’s a very materialistic want, but nonetheless, God knew it was something important to Ry and I. That’s exactly what God wants us to do with Him and the things we’re waiting for. God longs to be faithful to us, with the big and small things in life. We only need to take a look around to see all the ways He shows up in our lives and remember his faithfulness.


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