Why There is More Than One Way to Win in Life

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Ry and I love college hoops, and every year, we attend the Summit League Basketball Tournament. This year, our favorite team for both men and women, were seeded #1 in the tournament with odds in our favor of both teams advancing to the semi-final and finals.

Well, the men’s team lost in the first round and when that final buzzer sounded, we were in disbelief and disappointed at what had just happened. I know a basketball game is a rather lighthearted situation, but it shed light to the very real, yet difficult fact, that not everyone wins or gets what they want in life.

That may sound like a rather harsh statement, but I know for many of you, it’s a reality you’ve been living with. There is no easy button or prime shipping to expedite the desires of our hearts and for some, they never come. Just like our men’s basketball team wanted to win that game, you wanted to get married, have kids, beat cancer, find forgiveness, etc.

You are looking at a very different picture than the one painted on your heart and I think that’s the hardest part; accepting our lives as is, versus how we planned/wanted it. You’ve probably heard the quote by Joseph Campbell, “We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” I think this is so applicable when it comes to how we feel about “winning” or “losing” in life.

So, what do we do with that?

It comes down to a change in perspective. Just like our men’s basketball team only saw their season ending one way, winning, we may only see life happening one way. But the way we see us winning, might look very different than the way God sees it.

Truth is, there is more than one way to win and it all happens through Jesus. He can use our circumstance to transform us to bring Him glory and that is the ultimate win friends. I know these words don’t take away the pain and heartache you are living with because you are disappointed with how things turned out. But remember, we win by how we respond to the circumstances of life. God is still working in and through you.  He has the power to change that perspective and show you all the wins He has planned for you.

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